Whey preserves muscle

One of the side effects of dieting can be losing muscle along with fat. Keeping muscle is important because these lean tissues help maintain healthy metabolism, physical activity, and blood sugar control. In this study, 40 men and women, aged 35 to 65, with body mass index scores from 28 to 50, ate 750 fewer […]

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Short-term creatine supplementation boosts strength

An extraordinary number of studies have shown that creatine supplementation augments muscle size and strength gains when taken in conjunction with a resistance training program. Short-term use of creatine also has been shown to boost muscle strength. In fact, a decade ago I published the first study that showed a one-week loading phase of creatine […]

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Creatine supplementation boosts muscle glycogen synthesis 82% higher than placebo after exercise

A large body of evidence over the last two decades has shown that creatine supplementation improves strength and muscle gains. While the primary function of creatine is to provide more efficient fueling of high-intensity exercise, there remains interest in identifying other beneficial metabolic effects. One intriguing finding in previous studies was the observation that muscle […]

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Which low calorie diet worked best?

Diets very low in calories can induce rapid weight loss, but much of it could be muscle loss. Italian researchers compared two types of very low calorie diets, one low enough in carbs to induce ketosis (ketogenic diet), and another with enough carbs to prevent high levels of ketosis (non-ketogenic diet). Both diets contained the […]

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7 big reasons to love whey protein

The protein market is booming from powders, bars and beverages. Much of the increased demand reflects the push toward plant-based alternatives to milk-based proteins, such as casein and whey. Collagen protein from bone broth is another big player. However, there are several important reasons why retailers and consumers should continue to enjoy the benefits of […]

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